Weekly Coach Green Interview

warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/ on line 33. Weekly Coach Brian Green Interview Weekly Coach Green Interview :: 02/24/15 Your thoughts on the Oregon series.
Brian Green: We got two good starting performances again out of [Riley] Barr and [Matt] Loeffler. That gives us a lot of reason to hope especially as we move into a three game series. Any time you play a four-game series that can stretch you a little thin. I know we’re looking forward to that. I was really happy to see [Quinnton] Mack and the way he swung the bat. It looks like he may be coming. He had a 4-for-4 day at Oregon and any time you can raise your average that much in that type of ballpark and that type of pitching. [Brent] Hermanussen is playing well, [Derek] Umphres is playing outstanding defense. Those were certainly the bright spots. This week with the three games and practice that we have, it’s really important that we get back to going after the identity of the team we want to be and that’s a team that loves to compete. I think we’ve faced some stiff competition and our guys have handled it okay but I know that we’re certainly ready to come home and come into the new ballpark and play a three game set at home. I think all the guys are anxious and ready to do that. You had three pretty competitive games against Oregon with the exception of the third game. What kind of progress and growth are you seeing from your team?
BG: We’ve been in a lot of games. It’s very cyclical. The hitting right now is feeding a little off of the bullpen and vice-versa and the competitive spirit has been pretty good. It hasn’t been great but it’s been pretty good. We played good defense and for the most part we’ve gotten pretty good starting pitching. We just haven’t had that belief that we’re absolutely going to do this, that we’re going to go on the road and beat a Top 20 team. There’s a lot of reason to be optimistic with our guys. We’re facing that type of competition, we expect to play with those guys, we expect to go in and compete for wins. At least when you look at it if we can put together two more innings or one more inning a game, a pitch here, a pitch there, an execution here or an execution there you’re looking at a completely different start to your season. I think that gives them some reason for optimism.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Green Interview :: 02/16/15 Your first weekend of play with the ball club, your first weekend as a head coach. Your thoughts on the experience?
Brian Green: The experience was very emotional. I told the kids that when we were on the bus before we opened up on the first day. I said, “Hey, this is a really special moment and I’m honored to share this thing together and can’t wait to get on the field with you guys.” It was pretty crazy. It was really cool. We played Illinois who is a Top 25 program and I’ve known Dan [Hartleb] a little bit just being at Kentucky. The community of coaches, it was, “Hey, I’m rooting for ya.” It was a very cool experience. Then to actually go out there and play the way we did in the first three games, even though we don’t get a win, we’ve got a lead on Illinois twice in the ninth. They’re a legitimate Regional team, we pitched well, played well, plus defense and some clutch hitting late. It was really disappointing we didn’t get the results. We certainly went at them and competed well. Shoot, we could be sitting here talking about being 3-1 or 2-2. I know that’s baseball but our guys came out of the gates really competitive. When we talked last week you expressed that you were interested in seeing how your guys responded to adversity. What was your takeaway from that this weekend?
BG: It was kind of like, this is how we’re going to draw it up and see how it goes. It was interesting. To be quite honest there were some tentativeness at the plate. Our guys really, really want to do well and I thought they tried maybe a little too hard. We tried to calm them down and get them into the process. Offensively we didn’t look the way we looked even a week ago with rhythm and with some of the keys we have from an approach standpoint. Some of the guys who had first opportunities in the bullpen didn’t look like they’d looked in practice and you understand that’s all part of it and you have to let the guys go out and succeed or fail and create their own identity instead of trying to determine it for them, especially early in the season.

It was a quick four-game synopsis but we certainly have some things we wanted to address and got right into work today with really two days of work and practice and said let’s focus on these two things, both pitching and defense and let’s get back to work.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Green Interview :: 02/11/15 :: Season Preview With such a new ball club who do you expect to fill out the lineup?
Brian Green: We’ll start on the mound. We could start six guys just in terms of guys who have the capability, the potential, the durability to start and give you five or potentially six innings. We feel like we have six guys. With the opening weekend having four games, we’re going to go with Riley Barr who was one of the top guys in appearances last year. He’s a senior right-hander and he’ll start the opening game. Robert Kraft is a senior left-handed pitcher, probably been our best guy over the fall and the spring in keeping our hitters off balance. He’ll start the second game. The third guy will be Matt Loeffler, he’s a senior right-handed pitcher. He’s got great movement. Then the fourth game will be Billy Connard who didn’t pitch last year He’s got a good arm and he’s got a chance to be a pro prospect just given his body and potential for velocity. So those will be our four starters entering this but that could change next week very easily with Trey Gonsalez, he’s right there, potential to be a starter. He’ll open up as a long reliever, a guy who has potential to give us substantial innings. Same thing with Trey Higginbotham. Trey’s a big key for us. When his command is on he’s very tough to hit. At some point in the year you’ll probably see him starting too. We really feel like we have six guys who we’ll hand the ball off to.

Early on in the season Matt Moriarty is a guy we think can be our closer. Matthew Stein is a senior right-hander, a great student, a great thinker, knows what he’s doing. He’s really competitive. He’ll get substantial appearances on the mound. Kyle Rutherford, Lincoln Herendeen, Alex Lownes, Tyler Aguirre, Quinten Mansfield, those are all guys that’ll come in in the middle innings and go short stint relief appearances.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Green Interview :: 07/31/14 :: Introductory Interview This is your first head coaching job obviously and coming back to your alma mater and being able to bring your wife back to the area that she’s from has to a huge plus for you.
Brian Green: Yeah. When this thing first happened and it was one of the earlier jobs to open up this summer, I prayed, I hoped, I did everything I could to prepare to put myself in a position to be a candidate of quality for Dr. Boston. I have always to be the head coach of this program. The fact of bringing Becki back and seeing her family and being close to my family in California is icing on the cake. My heart is here within this community and this program. I loved it here. I’m excited to get out and recruit because I’m going to be really passionate about bringing people here. It’ll be an honest sell. Obviously you’re no stranger to the area and recruiting the west coast, spending time out at Hawai’i and in California. What is the biggest selling point for you for bringing kids into Las Cruces and New Mexico State?
BG: I think it’ll change. I hope that it changes and I say that because in three years I hope that we’re selling that we’ve got a track record of going to the postseason and producing winning teams and filling up the stands. Early on our mission will be simple in terms of our recruiting approach and what we’re going to sell is Las Cruces and the Mesilla Valley. We’re going to sell the campus and the student experience at New Mexico State. It needs to be sold because it’s special. Then we’re really going to sell the recruiting and the developing from the coaching staff that we’re putting together which we’re close on. It’s going to have a track record of producing professional talent where kids are improving their draft status and they’re getting a chance to move on in professional baseball. Then the coaching staff that will be put together will have a track record of winning and getting to the postseason so those will be the two things that we’ll attack early — the recruiting and developing and the winning of the staff and then the campus and student experience at New Mexico State and then hopefully in three years we’ve changed what we’re selling and that’s that we’re winning at a high level.  Continue Reading This Post >>