Weekly Coach Delgado Interview

warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/ on line 33. weekly interview with women's head soccer Freddy Delgado. Weekly Coach Delgado Interview :: 01/23/14 :: Introductory Interview Walk us through the process that you went through in interviewing for the job and emerging as the top choice.
Freddy Delgado: Coach Blair stepped away in mid November and they named me the interim head coach specifically with the expectation that I was going to continue recruiting and continuing to monitor our students for their academic progress. We went through that whole process and right when the new year started is when we started the interview process and I was fortunate enough to be tabbed as the new coach. I’m very excited in moving forward. It was a nervous time but I’m very excited and very happy to be here in Las Cruces and to work with these fantastic young women. What are some of the things you identified during the interviewing process and also now as the head coach that are strengths or weaknesses and what are some goals you have for the program?
FD: One of the things I talked about was continuity. This past season we were 5-13-2 but we went into nine overtime games. I thought we had a very talented group. We just needed some things to fall our way and it didn’t. I think going forward we can still continue with the same type of style. We can still keep the same team cohesion. I’m familiar with the players that we have on the team. I’m familiar with their strengths and their weakness and also those of the conference. I’m familiar with the conference. The continuity was a big piece. Then to extend that to the recruits as well. We have a very good 2014 class. We have a very group of 2015 recruits as well and we knew that if I stayed here that we had a very good chance of keeping those recruits and so we’re really looking to take off from where we left off this past season and I think it’s going to be very positive going forward.  Continue Reading This Post >>