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warning: Creating default object from empty value in /var/www/ on line 33. Weekly Coach Martin Interview Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 02/19/15 :: Offseason Update With signing day wrapped up who are some of the guys who you are the most excited about and think can have the most impact?
Doug Martin: I think we did a great job of signing offensive and defensive linemen in this class. I think we got a lot more size, height, length. Those guys are all 6-4 or bigger. I feel really good about that. I also think that we helped ourselves speed-wise again. A couple guys I think can make an immediate impact; OJ Clark, a wide receiver out of Wichita Falls, he’s an impact player. All three of the tight ends we signed I think are going to be really good. We got the one junior college tight end, Clayton Granch, the other two high school tight ends (Montrice Johns, Jackson Solbeck) can really be special here and they’re going to play early. We need tight ends in the program. Then the one defensive guy I think will be really fun to watch is Terrill Hanks, a linebacker from Florida. I think he can be a special player. One of the things that really stood out about the stood out about the recruiting class is the geographic diversity of the class.
DM: We had a couple of coaches who had some ties with people, the linebacker from Florida, Coach Littlejohn had a tie there. We really don’t recruit that area but we had an in with the high school coach. The same thing with Montrice Johns, the tight end from California, we had a tie-in there. Other than that we’re trying to stay in our Texas, Arizona, New Mexico areas.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/25/14 A tough loss against Monroe. We saw a lot of good things in the game but again the offense had trouble scoring in the second half.
Doug Martin: Yeah and that’s real disappointing. The crucial part was getting down to the one yard line and we don’t get it in on the fumble and then our defense goes right back and takes the ball away and gets it to us on the 30 going in and we don’t score and we were getting ready to take the lead there at 24-20. Blowing both of those scoring opportunities really hurt and then to get the punt blocked right after that really sealed our fate there. I thought it was the best game our defense played all year and I thought Larry Rose and the offensive line were exceptional and we just have to keep finding a way not to beat ourselves. Was the fumble just a miscommunication? What happened on the play?
DM: Well, a couple things. We’re in the shotgun a lot and to jump up under center at that point was difficult and I don’t think we handled the snap well. I don’t know if it ever came up and their nose tackle got a good jump on the play and kind of disrupted things.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/19/14 You had your second bye of the season. What did you see development-wise from your team this week?
Doug Martin: I liked the way the guys worked and responded this week. They’re still practicing hard and they’ve got a lot of energy about them still. We worked pretty hard on the kicking game this week to try to get Max Johnson back on track for the last two games. Most of the staff was out recruiting so it was a skeleton crew here so it was a lot of work on fundamentals and just getting guys healthy. The biggest thing was recruiting this week. The last two seasons you’ve had two bye weeks, this time you had them pretty late in the season. How beneficial has that been having two bye weeks late in the season, particularly for this team because it’s a fairly young team?
DM: That’s the big key right there. With how many true freshmen we’re playing, those bye weeks were really helpful because this is the time of year where the freshmen, the season starts to get really long for them, their bodies start to break down a little bit because they haven’t had that year in the weight room yet. It came at a good time as opposed to early in the year it wouldn’t have had as much meaning for us. That was a blessing for us.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/11/14 You knew going into the game against Lafayette that it was going to be a tough game. They’re the best team in the league from a physical and talent standpoint and that showed itself in the game on Saturday.
Doug Martin: Yeah, with the exception of LSU they’re the most talented team we’ve played. It’s very obvious that it’s going to take us one more recruiting class to catch up to them. Our freshmen class is a talented one but we need at least one more before we’re going to be at the level of Lafayette. You mentioned that the game was going to be a measuring stick. Were there any areas where you felt like you were close in talent?
DM: Yeah, I think defensively we got better again. Our defense did better again, we’re just not giving them any help. We’re not scoring points and we’re not just helping them get off the field. We played the run better, probably one of the better games we’ve played defensively. Then when you look at our wide receiver corps, Teldrick Morgan and those guys, Greg Hogan, we’ve got guys that can compete out there in the perimeter. About the only thing we’re lacking offensively is consistent quarterback play. Tyler makes a lot of plays but he kills you with the turnovers. Unless we get consistent quarterback play, we’re not going to win and right now we don’t have a quarterback that’s doing that.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 11/04/14 A tough loss against Texas State, a game that you played pretty well in. You had a good performance out of the defense stopping the run, you just had some special teams miscues that cost you.
Doug Martin: Yeah, I think we improved versus the run defensively. I thought we played with a lot of passion and a lot of intensity on both sides of the ball. Offensively, one of our better games. I thought Tyler Rogers made a lot of progress. Larry Rose played well. Offensive line played really well and we started a true freshman in there, Dezmond Candelaria started at right guard. He did a great job. We did blow two opportunities down in the red zone. Those hurt us, we needed those points. The two missed field goals and the blocked punt, those were crucial. It’s really what I was telling our team. If we don’t beat ourselves, if we don’t make so many mistakes, we’re going to be hard to beat because we have talent now. Last year we just didn’t have the talent, now we do. We just have to learn how to grow up and not beat ourselves. You talked about the play of the offensive line. You didn’t give up any sacks against a team that came in averaging over three sacks per game.
DM: Yeah, I thought part of that was Tyler. I thought he did a great job. It’s the best game he’s hard as far as making decisions. I know he had the two interceptions but the one should have been caught, it bounced off the wide receiver. The other he threw to the right place, he just mechanically didn’t do it correctly. His decision making and getting rid of the ball was really good. I thought the offensive line did a great job not only protecting him but in the run game.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 10/28/14 How was the bye week for the team?
Doug Martin: It was good. We got kids healthy first of all. All those freshmen playing on defense, their bodies aren’t ready to play a whole season of college football so this break came at a good time for them to get them healthy and revived. We spent a lot of time working with the quarterbacks so hopefully we’ll see a lot of progress there. How was the bye week for the coaching staff? We talked last week about how when you’re coaching a young team there’s a lot more coaching that’s involved than with a veteran team.
DM: It was good for our coaches to get a break too. We practiced Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we gave players Friday and Saturday off and the coaches took Saturday off ourselves. It helped us catch up on some recruiting things and get away a bit and refresh ourselves too. You need that during this time. College football is a grind, especially when things aren’t going the way you want them to.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 10/21/14 Your thoughts on the Idaho game?
Doug Martin: Defensively we made progress again. We caused two turnovers again so we still continue to do that, we lead the conference in takeaways which is really positive. The two best things I saw about us defensively, we only gave up nine points in the second half and the touchdown we gave up was after a turnover and they got the ball on the 15 yard line. That’s not bad for your defense being in those situations. The other play I thought we grew up a lot on was the drive Idaho had, it was a 16 play drive that went all the way to the one yard line, 4th and 1 and we stopped them. That was a big character check to me. Most defenses would have rolled over and let them score at that point and our kids fought through it and they gave us a chance to win the football.

Offensively it’s still the same problem. We’re running the ball well and Larry Rose looked great but our quarterback position, Andrew had two turnovers and Tyler had two turnovers, that’s really can sum up our whole season to this point. We’ve just got to find a way to get these guys to take care of the ball. The two turnovers that Andrew had, one was an interception and one was a fumble on the sack. As far as the sacks, you’ve only given up five sacks this season but three of the sacks have resulted in fumbles. What do you feel like is the cause of that?
DM: Well that’s a tough situation that the quarterbacks are in. I really wouldn’t those on the quarterbacks as much as the tackles that gave up the sacks because when you get hit like that you don’t see it coming and the ball is going to be on the ground occasionally. Those were just really three bad plays by our tackles.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 10/14/14 A disappointing loss at Troy on Saturday. The had a few miscues that really cost them in the game.
Doug Martin: Yeah, the turnovers are still just killing us offensively. It’s taking points off the board and it’s giving the other team points and putting our defense in bad positions. Defensively we only gave up ten points in the first half and the game gets out of hand because we can’t take care of it well enough. The positive side is our defense continues to cause turnovers. They caused two more Saturday. It’s just a matter of us, whether it’s personnel or scheme or whatever it is, we’ve just got to take care of the ball better. The three plays that were the biggest in the game, the kickoff return after you’d scored the touchdown, the holding penalty the took a first down off the board right before Tyler’s interception and then the intentional grounding penalty that came right before the sack and fumble.
DM: Yeah, I think you’re right. Those plays were huge. The kickoff return, we had just scored and made it a one score game, then to give that up was just inexcusable. The holding penalty, we probably would have been at about the ten yard line getting ready to score if not for the holding penalty. That was big too. That’s part of the game. You’ve just got to overcome those things.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 10/07/14 Obviously not the result you were hoping for against Georgia Southern, you did a lot of good things in the game but the turnovers continue to be an issue for the team.
Doug Martin: Yeah they really do. We won every statistical area in the game. Total yards, third downs, first downs, everything except the turnovers and that’s a shame because right now our defense has more takeaways than any defense in the Sun Belt Conference. We have 13. But we have 16 turnovers. Until our offensive kids buy into taking care of the football, we’re going to struggle. You mentioned winning all of the statistical battles except for the turnovers and obviously the score but your team overall seems to be improving from week to week and at the very least that has to be very encouraging for you.
DM: Well it it and it’s frustrating at the same time. We’re right there on the edge of breaking through and we’ve got to find a way to kick the door in and start winning games because you’re right, we have improved on both sides of the ball. We’re really balanced on offense, we’re running the ball well, we’re throwing it well at times. We just need to break through and get some wins.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Martin Interview :: 09/30/14 It looked like your team wasn’t intimidated by the atmosphere at LSU and being able to force four turnovers in the first quarter against a Top 25 team has to be something that you’re proud of.
Doug Martin: Yeah, you know defensively we’ve been able to cause turnovers all year long. The frustrating thing right now is getting us to play four quarters of defense. As you mentioned, the first quarter, four turnovers and I think we held them to 23 yards of offense. But we didn’t sustain it. Obviously offensively we need to take advantage of those turnovers too. It was a learning experience for our young players to go down there and play in an atmosphere like that and get that experience and help us down the road. What was your overall assessment of the team’s offense. For a lot of the game it tough going but you had a couple decent drives and the touchdown run by Andrew Allen was a highlight. You finished the night doing better on offense than Sam Houston State and UL Monroe, something we talked about last week in terms of measuring yourselves against similar type teams.
DM: Right, we competed well at times. I thought we got a little bit overwhelmed by their defense up front. Their defensive line was tough for us to block with the exception of Ume, our center, who really had a good night, blocked really well. We struggled with that. The discouraging thing is still the turnovers. We’ve got to find a way to limit the turnovers and that wasn’t LSU, that was just us making mistakes. If we can limit that, we can be a good offensive team.  Continue Reading This Post >>