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The Daily Aggie :: 10/07/10

The Aggie volleyball team is back in action tonight as they square off against San Jose State. The Spartans are 2-3 in league play and there is a large group of teams sitting in the middle of the standings at .500 or just below. This is a big match for both squads as the Aggies try to separate themselves a bit from the middle of the pack and the Spartans try to maintain their position in the middle of the pack. With just six teams making the conference tournament again this season, every match counts, especially early as teams try to keep from digging a hole that they can't get out of.

The Spartans are coming off a sweep at the hands of Idaho, however, the Spartans defeated Utah State 3-1 in Logan and last night the Utah State Aggies defeated Idaho 3-1 so as you can see, it's been a crazy start to the season. The Aggies are 2-1 in league play along with Nevada and both teams' losses have come to No. 5 Hawai'i who is 4-0.

In league play, the Aggies are hitting .291, just a few points behind Hawai'i at .297. San Jose State is hitting .196. The Spartan opponents are hitting .249 in league play while Aggie opponents are hitting .176 in league play.

The Aggies lead the league in assists per set at 14 and are second in kills per set at 14.89. The Aggies are Spartans are 8th and 9th respectively in blocking in league play which something that the Aggies have been working on.

San Jose State is second in the league in digs per set at 13.75.

As Coach Jordan mention in this week's interview, the Spartans don't necessarily have a "go-to" attacker. Hanah Blume leads the Spartans at 2.92 kills per set, Alex Akana is second at 2.15 kills per set. Brianna Amian is third at 1.97 kills per set. Katie Turner leads the Spartans in digs per set at 3.24 while the Spartans have three players averaging over two digs per set.

Tonight's match is scheduled for an 8:00 p.m. MT first serve. There will be no radio for tonight's or Saturday afternoon's matches. Live Stats should be available via the San Jose State athletic website.

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bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Jordan Interview :: 10/06/10

bleedCrimson.net: Your thoughts on the match last week against Hawai'i?
Mike Jordan: Hawai'i was difficult. They're a fantastic team. I think it's the best floor defense team I've seen ever. I thought maybe last year's was the best and they're better this year. They're a better blocking team than they were a year ago. Getting kills was pretty difficult and we're a team that can hit the ball pretty well.

It was frustrating because we didn't block anything, we didn't hit anything and they hit for way too high a percentage. Also frustrating in that we were battling for a while, it was 16-18, they get a little bit of a run and we kind of hang our head. This team is a team that needs to learn to battle back and play from behind. Hopefully we'll figure that out pretty soon. But Hawai'i is in a different level right now. They're definitely as good as last year I think and a legitimate Final Four caliber team.

bc.net: On Sunday you took on Arizona and one of the big differences between the match against Hawai'i and the match against Arizona is that you had 10 total team blocks against Arizona after zero blocks against Hawai'i. What changed from Wednesday night to Sunday night?
MJ: Well, we're making incremental changes. There was definitely a need, and we recognized that, to make some improvements and some adjustments there. We started to do that. I think we'll get better at as the season progresses. We played better floor defense too and extended some rallies which was good. Arizona's got a lot of weapons, they're tough to handle at times but we were right there. If it weren't for one or two breaks going our way, we could have gone up 2-0 in that match. I thought it was a huge improvement from our performance on Wednesday against Hawai'i.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: OBNUG Guest Post

It's time for our annual guest blog post by the gentlemen at One Bronco Nation Under God. If you're not familiar with the OBNUG blog bet, the winning team's blogger gets a guest post on the losing team's blog. Once again the winning blogger was OBNUG and the loser was, well us. However, when it comes to guest posts by OBNUG, there are no losers (unless you have no sense of humor). So, without further ado (and because when we commit to something we actually go through with it, unlike a couple of people in Reno and Fresno), here is the OBNUG guest post.

Scene: Fourth quarter of the Boise State and New Mexico State game. WAC TV announcers Guy Haberman and Dick Tomey with the broadcast.

Tomey: … and that’s how I ended up with four fingers on my left hand and the nickname Nubbers.
Haberman: We’re joined now in the booth by some special guests. From Boise State: quarterback Kellen Moore and tight end Kyle Efaw. And because he’s on the WAC’s email list: OBNUG.
Moore: Hi there.
Efaw: How’s it going?
OBNUG: I was told there’d be soft pretzels.
Tomey: This guy has a blog. It’s a blog with a lot of potential. It does some good things every now and then, like that one feature …

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/06/10

The Aggie softball team hosted the National Fastpitch All-Stars last night and even though they lost 10-1, they did something that only one other team has done so far against the All-Stars: score. That's right, the All-Stars have been incredibly stingy on defense. They've now played eight games on their tour and only Memphis and New Mexico State has scored against them, each with a single run. The Aggies got a couple of hits last night as well which ended the All-Stars' back-to-back hitless games, including a perfect game against Arizona.

Be sure to check out the photos from last night's game, we hope to have a few more later today.

The Aggie men's basketball team will appear at least five times on the ESPN family of networks this coming season.

Here is the list of games:
Jan. 13, Hawai‘i at New Mexico State, 7 p.m. MT, ESPN Regional Television
Jan. 22, New Mexico State at Utah State, 9 p.m. MT, ESPNU
Feb. 12, New Mexico State at Louisiana Tech, 3 p.m. CT, ESPN Regional Television
Feb. 23, New Mexico State at San Jose State, 8 p.m. PT, ESPN2
March 2, Utah State at New Mexico State, 9 p.m. MT, ESPN2

It's great that both games against Utah State will be televised, heading into the season the Aggies and Aggies should be picked to finish 1-2 in the league.

It may seem strange that the Aggies' game against San Jose State is going to be televised on ESPN2 but SJSU could be the surprise team in the league this year and at the very least, it'll be a chance to see the best scorer in the league, Adrian Oliver, who is a player we think will be picked as the Preseason Player of the Year and will definitely be a Preseason First Team All-WAC pick after getting snubbed last year by the media and coaches (which is more indefensible than the media snubbing him).

Be sure to check out this week's interview with Coach Walker. The Aggie football team is getting ready for the Battle of I-25. On a side note, we discovered this week after reading the NM State football notes for Saturday's game that the Rio Grande Rivalry points competition has been discontinued because apparently nobody wanted to sponsor it. We'll continue to keep a tally based on the point system that was shown on UNM's website but... just like the first two years, it's not looking pretty for the Aggies. You can check out the standings on our '10/'11 Rio Grande Rivalry Standings page.

Anyway, Coach Walker told the media (and us) that Matt Christian's status for Saturday's game will be a gametime decision (no sense in ruling him out, make UNM prep for both Matt and Tanner right?)

Coach Walker discussed the rivalry game on Saturday and noted that despite their struggles, UNM is a team that is still good enough to beat the Aggies and that NM State will have to play a good game on Saturday to come out with a win.

The boys at One Bronco Nation Under God shared this week's BIFFF analysis on the Aggie game and there were a couple of interesting things to note. First, the Aggies only allowed seven swing points (points scored on defense, special teams or drives less than 25 yards). The Aggies actually converted 3rd downs at a better clip than the Broncos did (35% to 33%) and the big one (at least in our minds) the Aggies had just five plays that gained negative yards (Boise State had two). Small victories, but we'll take anything we can get.

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NM State vs. NPF All-Stars Game Photos

NM State vs. NPF All-Stars Game Photos

bleedCrimson.net Weekly Coach Walker Interview :: 10/05/10

bleedCrimson.net: Your thoughts on the game against Boise State last Saturday?
DeWayne Walker: We got a chance to see the third ranked team live and in color and they're everything we thought they would be. Obviously we were severely overmatched in a lot of ways. It was good to get through it and it was good to experience a top five team in the country.

bc.net: Who were a couple of players that had good individual performances against Boise State?
DW: Taveon Rogers did another good job running back kicks. Donyae Coleman continues to show up. He's continued to play his butt off for us week in and week out. Those were the two that probably stick out more than the others.

bc.net: Talk a little bit about the injury that Matt Christian suffered and what's his status for the game on Saturday against New Mexico?
DW: It's unfortunate. This is football and things are going to happen. It's too bad that we may not have him this week. He'll be a gameday decision but it is something that we have to play through like other teams.  Continue Reading This Post >>

AggieVision :: Football Press Conference Week Five

Arthur Surreaux Named WAC Men's Tennis Player Of The Month

Written By: WAC Media Relations

DENVER, CO - New Mexico State's Arthur Surreaux has been named the Verizon Western Athletic Conference Men's Tennis Player of the Month for September.  Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 10/05/10

The Aggie softball team hosts the National Fastpitch All-Stars tonight at the NM State Softball Complex at 6:00 p.m. The NPF All-Stars shut out the Arizona Wildcats last night in Tucson. The All-Stars' Cat Osterman and Jamee Juarez combined to pitch a perfect game against a pretty potent Wildcat offense.

It should be an exciting night of softball with a chance to see some of the stars from professional softball.

As of right now there will be Live Stats available for tonight's game, however, there is not scheduled to be streaming video but if that changes we will let you know via our Twitter page (@AgsBleedCrimson).

Here are a few of the players who are scheduled to appear in tonight's game for the All-Stars: Cat Osterman, Megan Willis, Vicky Galindo, Taryne Mowatt, Francesca Enea, Jamee Juarez, Andrea Duran, Caitlin Lever, Angie Quiocho and Jessica Williams.

Taryne Mowatt and Francesca Enea are a couple of players to keep an eye on. Enea was a star for the Florida Gators and was a big part of their WCWS team last year while Mowatt was a star pitcher for the Wilcats a couple years ago and won a national championship in 2007.

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The Daily Aggie :: 10/04/10

It's Tough Enough To Wear Pink week for New Mexico State and it all culminates on Saturday with the Tough Enough To Wear Pink football game which also happens to the Rio Grande Rivalry game with New Mexico.

The teams are 0-9 combined heading into the game and as we chronicled yesterday, it's the worst combined record for the two teams in the 101 year history of the rivalry.

Both teams are banged up at quarterback, we're not even sure who the starter will be for New Mexico this week. The Aggies are in a similar predicament at the quarterback position after starter Matt Christian left Saturday's game late in the second quarter with a shoulder injury. We've heard reports that Christian is likely out this week. That leaves the Aggies with redshirt freshman Tanner Rust taking the snaps. Coach Walker said in his postgame radio interview after the game that if Rust was the starter this week that they would obviously have to look at simplifying the offensive game plan for him.

Even if Christian is able to play, the chances of him being at 100 percent are pretty slim and a shoulder injury could limit the Aggies' playcalling (perhaps limiting their use of the deep ball). We should get official word on Christian's status for the game tomorrow in the weekly media conference.

The Aggie volleyball team bounced back from their 3-0 sweep at the hands of Hawai'i with a better performance against Arizona. The Aggies won the first set 25-20, hung tough in the second set before falling 25-23 and then lost the next two 25-16 and 25-17.

After posting no blocks against the Wahine, the Aggies had 10 blocks against Arizona. The Aggies will hit the road to take on San Jose State on Thursday night and then Fresno State on Friday afternoon. The Spartans stunned Utah State 3-1 on Saturday night in Logan. The Spartans are now 2-2 in league play. The Spartans lost to Boise State in five sets and defeated Idaho in five sets and got swept by Nevada.

The Aggie soccer team was shut out by Utah State at home yesterday to fall to 0-2-0 in league play. Utah State was picked to win the regular season title and is now well on their way after going on the road and getting six points this weekend with wins over Louisiana Tech and the Aggies.

The Aggies will take their first road trip to Idaho as they'll face Idaho on Friday afternoon and Boise State on Sunday afternoon.

It'll be important for the Aggies to get some points out of this weekend as they try to qualify for the WAC tournament.

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