Weekly Coach Rodolph Interview :: 03/24/14 You won three of the five games out at the UNLV tournament, the final game of the tournament you lost to DePaul who is a very good program.
Kathy Rodolph: The thing about DePaul, they’re a very talented program and they did a great job of being very aggressive. It was probably one of the most aggressive teams that we had played to that point so they kind of put us on our heels, being so young. What I’ve noticed is that every weekend we get better and we’ve faced different challenges. The game down at UTEP was the second meeting of the year and you’ve spoken very highly of the new head coach at UTEP.
KR: I felt like we really struggled at the beginning of the game. The zone was really, really tight and it was tight for both sides, for us and for UTEP. But in the first inning we had two outs and two strikes on the batter and we ended up walking two, hitting one and giving up a single and being down 2-0 before we could get out of the inning and that kind of put us on our heels. In preparing for tomorrow night’s game you go back and look at game film and see what you could have done differently. What Karysta learned from that game was whatever the strike zone is, you’ve just got to pump it. She kept continuing to hit the same spot and kept thinking that the umpire would change his mind and so it was a very valuable lesson that if that’s not getting called then you’ve got to go somewhere else and I feel like she is so much better now than she was then. At the same time, she had an upper respiratory infection that night and I think it might have added in being more stubborn than normal in adjusting to the zone.  Continue Reading This Post >> Weekly Coach Ward Interview :: 03/24/14 You had a rough start to the series but picked up the win on Saturday and Sunday and are able to head into this week having regained a little bit of the momentum you’d lost over the last couple of weekends.
Rocky Ward: Yeah, you feel a little bit better now. This Monday is better than the last four I’ve had, that’s for sure. We played well in the first game. Their guy is as good as advertised. He doesn’t make any mistakes in the zone. I was really, really, really disappointed. We had kind of made a ruin at him and started showing that old Aggie offense where we get a couple guys on base and put pressure on them and get the middle of our lineup to the plate. Had Sam Street really been awesome, I would have tipped my had but he wasn’t. We’d loaded the bases with nobody out and I had my 4, 5 and 6-hole hitters coming and four and five strike out. I’m watching his stuff and his stuff was different. We had him under pressure and the pitches he was throwing were average. None of them were big pitches. We got ourselves out. We swung at pitches out of the zone. You can forgive a guy if the guy on the mound is throwing the ball 96 and you swing out of the zone, there’s less room for error. But this guy is a regular guy, he’s throwing 87-88. He’s all about location and he lost the location and we let him get away with it. We built the inning, stacked up the dominoes and then couldn’t knock them down. Then we turn around and give up back-to-back doubles. We didn’t pitch real well in the inning but we’re down 2-0, we’ve got the game stabilized. Bradley had been pitching around crud all day, he walked five and I think he hit four but when his stuff was in the zone he was pretty good.

They get the bases loaded, we get a pop up and then we get a fly ball to right and Medina comes in and makes a patented Michael Medina throw, right on the money, one hop to the catcher. I mean the guy is going to be out by 25 feet, almost to the point where I was almost surprised he slid. Bu the ball was up the line a little bit, the guy slid and when Noyer went to tag him the ball popped out and went all the way to the backstop and they score the fourth and fifth runs and then they go on and score seven in the inning and blow us up. We score four late and it’s another one of about six losses that we’ve had this year where you’re going, if it wasn’t for that one mistake, that was a winnable game and probably would have been one. It wasn’t just that one mistake. It was a combination of leaving the bases loaded with one out with the right people coming to the plate and a defensive mistake.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Softball Run-Rules UTEP 14-3

Written By: NM State Athletic Dept.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - The New Mexico softball team closed out the three-game series with I-10 rival UTEP on Tuesday, March 25 with a 14-3 win to go 2-1 in the series. NM State took the win in five innings to break a four-game losing streak and improve to 18-15 on the season.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Baseball Defeats UTPA 3-2, Takes Series 3-1

Written By: NM State Athletic Dept.

EDINBURG, TX - The New Mexico State baseball team defeated Texas-Pan American, Sunday afternoon, 3-2. The victory also gave the Aggies the series, 2-1. NM State is now 10-13 overall and 2-1 in WAC play.

“We had been dealing with the wind all weekend and finally we got a break in the seventh with a singles and a walk, putting runners on the bases,” head coach Rocky Ward said. “Wagner then had a great hit into the wind and an error by right fielder helped us break it open. We had other chances to score in the eighth and ninth but just couldn’t get it going.”

The Aggies were led by Michael Paulson and Joseph Koerper who each recording two hits. Derek Umphres, Kristoffer Koerper and Ryan Wagner crossed the plate for the Aggies during the game, as the Aggies recorded one RBI in the game, by Jory Goldstrom.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggies Fall In Overtime To 4-Seed San Diego State, 73-69

Aggies Fall In Overtime To 4-Seed San Diego State, 73-69

SPOKANE, WA - Marvin Menzies and the Aggies came agonizingly close to pulling off the third upset of the day in Spokane. Instead, they'll have to settle for yet another heartbreaker Spokane. "Yeah, it's depressing is what it is," said head coach Marvin Menzies in the post game press conference. "To be able to fight that hard in the second half and get right there and then not get over the hump in over time. I just thought we drew up some really good stuff and unfortunately, we just missed some right at the basket."  Continue Reading This Post >>

NCAA Tournament :: Q&A With The Mountain West Connection Xavier Thames is the player most people know about for San Diego State but who else makes this team go?
Matthew Bain/Mountain West Connection: J.J. O'Brien. Looking at the stats, you'd almost wonder why O'Brien starts for SDSU, much less why Steve Fisher labeled him as one of his favorite players of all time. He gets the Aztecs 8 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.2 assists in about 28 minutes per game. But he does so much that doesn't show up on the stats sheet that makes him probably the most important player out on the floor. He's SDSU's best on-ball defender and oftentimes matches up against the opponent's best scorer--and most of the time he shuts them down. For instance, J.J. Avila of Colorado State, whom NMSU fans know all-too-well from his 29-point performance against the Aggies, shot 4-17 for 9 points when the Rams came to Viejas. Why? Because O'Brien guarded him most of the night. O'Brien is also the best switcher on defense, which SDSU does quite often. He makes things happen without ever touching the ball. It looks like Dwayne Polee II has had a very good second half of the season, what’s been the key to his emergence?
MWC: Confidence. Polee played a grand total of zero minutes against Arizona and a whopping six minutes against Kansas. But Polee broke out for 15 points and five rebounds in SDSU's loss at Wyoming, and I think Fisher realized what a lot of fans had thought for a while: this guy can play. He's a feisty defender, with six games with three or more steals. Behind Xavier Thames, Polee is SDSU's most dynamic scorer: in his last five games, Polee has scored 26 from inside the 3-point line, 24 from long range and eight from the free throw line. He's feeling it right now and he immediately gives his teammates that energy when he gets off the bench to the roar of the crowd. Fisher doesn't even see Polee as a bench player anymore, even though he won the MWC Sixth Man of the Year. He told the media at the MWC Tournament that Polee is his "sixth starter."  Continue Reading This Post >>

NCAA Tournament :: New Mexico State Press Conference Quotes

2014 NCAA Tournament :: New Mexico State Press Conference Quotes

Q. To both of you, you've been 13 seeds the last couple years, didn't work out that well. What's different about your team this year? Why do you think you will have more success?
DANIEL MULLINGS: I think that we'll have a little bit more success this year because we got a little bit more experience. We have a couple of guys, a couple returners and a couple guy that's been here, not only last year, but the year before this, as well. So, we have a little bit of experience, a little bit more experience than past years. I think that that could help us and work to our advantage.
SIM BHULLAR: Same thing, last year was a couple guys' first time being here and definitely the experience will help us being in this atmosphere and hopefully, we can go out there and win the game.

Q. Do you guys find more hope in knowing that last year this San Diego squad lost to a 15 seed, Florida Gulf Coast?
SIM BHULLAR: No, we didn't know that, who they lost to last year, but we are confident whoever we play in this tournament. We're playing great basketball right now and I don't see why we can't pull off the upset this year.  Continue Reading This Post >>

NCAA Tournament :: San Diego State Press Conference

Q. Winston, as the season went on and you guys kept winning and people kept asking you guys about being surprised. There were times you almost seemed insulted by it. Look, you knew we were going to be good. When though? When did you know, if you could talk about maybe like the open gym periods in the summer and you saw Josh and how good Xavier was and when did you know you were going to be good?
WINSTON SHEPARD: Me, personally, I knew we were going to be good after we lost in the tournament last year. We started back working out. Not too many guys took a break off, myself I went back home over the summer and worked out, but I stayed in touch with my teammates a couple times a day, a couple times a week. They were doing the exact same thing I was doing, working on my game. So, when I got back it was pretty much the same and everybody had just gotten so much better that I knew we were going to be a great team.   Continue Reading This Post >>

The Daily Aggie :: 03/19/14

The Aggie basketball team is making their third consecutive trip to the NCAA Tournament, fourth in five years and their third trip to Spokane in the past seven years. Spokane has been the site of the Aggies' most competitive games in the tournament with the Aggies hanging tough with Kevin Durant's Texas squad in 2007 then nearly pulling off a big comeback against Michigan State in 2010.

So what must the Aggies do this year to stick around past the first day? They'll be going up against a team in San Diego State that has lost just four times this season. With such a small sample size it's a bit harder to draw solid conclusions on how to beat the Aztecs but we're still going to try.

Number one, the Aggies have to get out to a fast start, get the lead and hang onto it. In SDSU's four losses they led those games for a total of 11 minutes, nine seconds out of 160 minutes of basketball. They never led in their loss to Arizona and at Wyoming they led for just 21 seconds.

Second, piggybacking off of the need for a fast start, if the Aggies don't jump out to a lead, they can't get too far behind. You're not going to get many big runs against SDSU and the Aztecs play very well with the lead. The largest lead they've lost all season is eight points at Utah State back in late January.

If the Aggies are able to hang around, they need to have the lead with five minutes remaining in the game. SDSU is just 1-4 on the year when they've trailed with five minutes left to play, however, they are 26-0 when they lead with five minutes remaining and have won their past 118 games when leading with five minutes left to play.

Finally, this may sound simple but the Aggies need to be able to score. Of San Diego State's 29 wins, the Aztecs have scored between 60 and 79 points in 22 of them and they've held their opponents under 60 points in 18 of their 33 games, over half of their contests, and another 13 games where the opponent has scored between 60 and 69 points. While the Aggies are coming in averaging 77 points per game, it's highly unlikely that the Aggies will be able to hit that average based off of what San Diego State has done to their opponents this season. However, if they do hit their average, they have an outstanding chance of winning. Historically the Aztecs have a losing record under Steve Fisher when their opponents score more than 70 points, though they've had two opponents score over 70 points this season and have won both games.

San Diego State has held an opponent to their season low score 13 times this year and the list includes Arizona, Kansas, Creighton, Washington, and UNM.

Obviously there are other things that the Aggies must do tomorrow night including not turning the ball over and hitting free throws but those four keys we just listed, start fast and build a lead, hang around and don't get too far behind, lead with five minutes to go and score more than 70 points are four keys to beating the Aztecs.  Continue Reading This Post >>