The Daily Aggie :: 11/27/07 :: Volleyball Update

First of all, congratulations to volleyball head coach Mike Jordan who had his contract restructured. We're glad Dr. Boston isn't letting Mike get away. We've made it pretty clear how we feel about Coach Jordan and the volleyball team (if you missed all those posts here's a hint... we love 'em!)

Now, about this weekend's first round matchup against LSU in the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately we were mistaken when we said that the match would be on ESPNU. We spoke with the NCAA's media folks and the first and second rounds are not being televised. However, some of the first and second round site hosts are streaming the matches online. Good news right? Well, yes, if you're a Longhorn (Texas) or Bobcat (Texas State) fan, which we are neither. It turns out that Texas will be streaming their match against Texas State online live, however when they submitted their request to the NCAA to grant the broadcast rights for the first and second rounds of the tournament, they explicitly stated in their letter that they would not be willing to broadcast the other first round match (which happens to be NMSU vs. LSU) AND on top of that, should UT lose in the first round, they would not broadcast the second round match either. We spoke directly to the NCAA media relations office so this is straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

We also spoke with the LSU media relations folks and it's even worse for Tiger fans. Not only will they not be sending a video crew there, they aren't even sending a radio broadcast team. The Aggies are sending their radio crew to Austin, so despite not being able to watch the Aggies take on LSU, be thankful that Aggie fans in Las Cruces can at least listen to the match.

Right now the options for Aggie fans is to listen to the match on KSNM AM 570 (for those in Las Cruces) or to track the match via LiveStats which we still believe will be available but don't hold us to that.