Weekly Coach Walker Interview :: 11/29/12 Your thoughts on the BYU game?
DeWayne Walker: Well I tell you what, for about two and a half quarters, almost three quarters we were in there swinging and fighting with them. Obviously when you can't match them, whether you need a defensive stop or you need to score a touchdown to stay with them, when you can't do that consistently the game usually gets away from you and that's pretty much what happened to us. What were some things that you saw from your team in those first two and a half quarters that you were really pleased about?
DW: We probably put more of the pressure on our defense to keep us in it. They were playing with their backup quarterback and he turned out to be a pretty good player. I kind of wanted our defense to keep us in it until we could try to get something going offensively because going against their defense, it's one of the top defenses in the country and Bronco [Mendenhall] does a great job and I figured they would stymie us from their defensive standpoint. I thought the one touchdown before halftime really kind of put a damper on us a little bit but at the same time you're not going to hold a BYU offense down for very long if you can't keep up with them. Defensively from your perspective what did your team do well for those first two and a half quarters, the game was only 23-14 about halfway through that third quarter.
DW: Just trying to keep them out of the endzone. Any time, despite how many yards or how many big plays, if you can keep teams out of the endzone, that's always going to give yourself a chance to win. Even though they had only scored 23 points we were able to stay within that seven to nine point range to try to get something going to try to really steal one. I just think the ceiling kind of fell in on us after a while because we just were able to continue to match what they were doing offensively and defensively. Since the San Jose State game, your team has kind of bounced back from the standpoint of their energy level and have continued to play hard. Would you agree with that?
DW: Yeah. That's something we talk about, I've challenged them all along. Every meeting I'm challenging them to compete and let's not worry about our record, let's go out there and try to win a game and that's the same thing we're going to try to do this week. What do you expect to see from Texas State this week?
DW: I think they're pretty creative on offense. They've got a very good quarterback, their running back is good, they've got a couple of tight ends that can make plays. They're pretty dynamic on offense so they're going to challenge us because they can do some things. Offensively I think we're going to have to do some things to take advantage of what they do. They're not multi on defense. They're going to line up, they know where they're supposed to be and you're going to have to beat them. We're going to have to get some things going offensive to try to score some points and try to help our seniors and try to get back to what it feels like to win some football games. How are you approaching this final week of the season? Are you doing anything differently because it is the final week of the season?
DW: We're just trying to create more energy in practice. Even though we've gotta work and we're serious about it, at the same time we want to have a little fun with it too because I think they deserve it. It's been a long tough season for them. I know after practice yesterday we had a quarterback competition where they were 30 yards from the endzone and had them see how many they could hit on the crossbar. Just try to have some competitive fun stuff for them. I had a representative from the linebacker position and the running back position kick a 15 yards field goal and see how many guys could make. Just little things like that after we push them hard in practice, I try to have a little something for them after practice on particular days just to let them get some laughs and still have some fun before this thing is over with. Texas State is coming off a rivalry game loss to UTSA is there any advantage for you in catching them maybe coming in a little down?
DW: No, I think how you approach it and how you go about getting your team ready and getting guys, trying to always have a good message and motivating gestures for these guys to be ready to roll. I think that's the thing that you've gotta look at. We want to get a conference win, we want to send our seniors off right, we want to get a win period to be able to enjoy Saturday night and Sunday. We're still trying to focus on some things that are important to us. We've just gotta try to figure out a way to get it done. In terms of some of the younger players that are coming back next year are there any players in particular that you may throw in there that haven't gotten a lot of playing time this year to see what they can give you for next year?
DW: No, I think the main focus is we want to try to win a football game. I'm not really looking at next year to be honest with you. We're going to do what we need to do to try to win a football game. We'll have enough time to get ready for spring practice and to worry about those things. We want to try to figure out a way to win this week.