Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: August 16th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie Volleyball fans! My name is Ellen Miks and I am currently a sophomore here at NMSU. I was extremely honored to be asked to write this blog for y’all, especially since the person who wrote it last year was one of my good friends Kelli Goodan. We miss the seniors very much this year, but we are looking forward to continuing their legacy that they left behind.

First a little about me just so you know who is giving you updates on the Aggies… I am from Denver, Colorado and I went to Columbine High School. I plan on majoring in math so ultimately I can be a high school math teacher. You should see the looks I get from people when I tell them I want to be a high school math teacher… all they tell me is, “Good luck!” As for my volleyball position, I am a DS/Libero/Outside/Rightside/Middle…. Whatever coach tells me to play I do it!

I believe I should do a small recap of our season last year. We ended up being 20-9, but unfortunately that was not quite good enough to qualify for the NCAA tournament. We had a very difficult preseason, but as we played more games, we started to come together as a team. Near the end of the season we were playing really well, and we went back to my home state and beat the Colorado State Rams in four games! The CSU Rams ended up going quite deep into the tournament, making it to the Sweet 16. Although it was hard to swallow at first, we knew we belonged in the tournament, and that’s why this year we are determined to win more games like the Colorado State game, and beat more teams like them.

Now… enough about last season. It’s the 2010 season now! We just finished our first week of two-
a-days! Whewwww! We were very pleased to say the least when coach said we had Sunday off!
Although it has been challenging physically and mentally, I believe that we took great strides as a team this week. The freshmen this year are catching on very fast and are going to be great contributors this year. There are seven of them which is a rather large freshman class. We have a few transfers that have made a great impact on the team so far, and the returners are working harder than ever to make this season one to remember. We are all still adjusting to one another, but I believe that ultimately this team can be something special!

We are definitely excited to actually start playing games this season, starting with the alumni game this Saturday, the 21st! We absolutely cannot wait to see some of the alumni, especially our former assistant coach, Stevi Maytubby. We found out last spring that she was going to move back to Houston, and we instantly knew we were going to miss our Stevi so much! She was a great person to have around because she was extremely knowledgeable about the game, she had experience playing at a very competitive high level, and she was able to relate to us, making her more like an older sister. To say least, we can’t wait to see her for a few days next weekend!

That is all for now, but I hope to see many of you there for the traditional Alumni Match! We can’t wait
to start this season, and as always your support is very greatly appreciated! GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!


Go Aggies

I will continue to follow this blog, always rooting for my number one team and most importantly cheering for Ellen in all that she does!

Math teacher?!?!

Wow!!! I'm so happy for you. There isn't a better profession out there. Hello?!?! Summers off!!! And teaching math is fun. It's fun to bring out the "nerd" in a bunch of kids who think they're too cool for school. You'll do and be great. Let me know if you need help on anything!

Ms. Grace :)