Jordan Bostic's Aggie Volleyball Diary :: October 8th, 2007

Jordan Bostic is a defensive specialist for the 2007 NMSU Aggies volleyball team. Jordan is fourth on the team in both digs (30) and digs per game (1.11) and was named to the academic All-WAC team in 2006 with a GPA of 4.0. Jordan is a senior this fall and is majoring in Journalism/Mass Communications and she'll be filing entries in the Aggie Volleyball Diary throughout the 2007 season, giving fans a taste of life on the volleyball team.

Winning on the road is hard. Really hard. Which is why I am excited to say we have returned home from a long road trip none the worse for wear. In fact, we won all three matches and moved up to 20 in the rankings. Not too shabby!

Here are a few highlights (lowlights?) from our trip this past week that have nothing to do with volleyball:

· Have you ever heard of a hotel that doesn’t have room temperatures that can be adjusted? Our team has! Upon arrival in Salt Lake City, our hotel rooms were miserably hot. When we asked the front desk why we couldn’t get our air conditioners to come on, they informed us that more guests preferred to have their room heated, and all the rooms were on a central unit. There was no air conditioning available at all. We threw a small hissy fit (grumpy, tired, overheated girls) and were moved to another building, thank goodness!

· We lost the snack bag! You may not think this is a big deal, but on our team, food is of paramount importance. We often have long flights and have to go straight to practice without stopping for food, so we bring a bag full of snacks for energy. Well, we left it on the bus overnight, and the next morning we had a new bus. Our fruit cups and beef jerky were on their way to who knows where. To quote Kim Oguh: "No snack bag? NOOOOOOOoooo!" Haha!

· We were leaving a restaurant in San Jose when a woman sitting on a bench started yelling profanities at us. We were all looking at each other, confused about what was going on. Why was this lady yelling at us? A steady stream of words that are too inappropriate to print continued sailing out of her mouth until we had all filed onto the bus and were pulling away. We may never know why the woman picked us as her target, but we were sure happy to get out of her way!

Little things like this can happen on the road to every team. You’re no longer at home, making the schedule and sleeping in your own bed. The hotel beds can be uncomfortable, and sometimes you’re left hungry because the snack bag goes missing. You’re playing against good teams that have the support of their fans behind them. It’s all part of life on the road. Coach Jordan always says that wins on the road separate the great teams from the good teams. So, after a long week away from home, we are very happy to have returned with our record unscathed.

Volleyball-wise, this is the time of year where Coach really kicks us into high gear using whatever means necessary. It’s easy to reach a plateau and be content. After our match against San Jose State (where we didn’t play our best), Coach gave us a long lecture about not being satisfied with how we are doing. We left that gym feeling like we lost instead of won, which is exactly what we needed. We’re motivated to get back in the gym and really take our game to a new level, because that’s what we need coming down the stretch.

We’ll face Louisiana Tech at home this Thursday night and won’t play again until next Thursday. With a small break in there, I figure these next two weeks of practice will be some of the most challenging we have had all year. Coach is going to push us to our limits... But we’re up for it. Bring it on!