Weekly Coach Menzies Interview :: 01/29/10 Your thoughts on the San Jose State game?
Marvin Menzies: That was a game that we had a chance to win. We started the game off really well and just didn't get a chance to get the 'W' after such a great, it was a little disappointing. You've got to give credit to San Jose and how they played in the second half both offensively and defensively. They really did a good job shooting the ball and finding open guys off our pressure and then they did a good job collapsing on the interior and helping on our big guys and making it difficult for Hamidu and Abdoulaye to score inside on the block. The Hawai'i was a pretty physical game, how much did that combined with the long trip to San Jose fatigue the players heading into the San Jose State game?
MM: Only the players know for sure. I think we had our chances to win regardless of the travel and you just have to give San Jose credit for playing a great game and with their starting center out too. On Saturday you take on Louisiana Tech, the surprise team in the league so far.
MM: Well, I wouldn't call them a surprise. A lot people had been saying that but I felt like before the season started there were six or seven teams that had the potential to win the conference. With the first half of games almost over, they're handling their business. There's a lot of games left so we'll see where it leads but right now they're the team to beat having the best record and winning three out of four on the road and all their games at home. Their on pace to have their best record that they've had in the WAC since they joined the WAC. They've got a couple guys that really shoot the ball well from the three point line and a really talented NBA potential player in the interior and a solid forward. They have all the pieces and all the makings of a very good team as evidenced by their record. DeAndre Brown is a new player on their team this year at point guard and really seems to be the piece they were missing last year.
MM: Yeah, he's a very talented, quick point guard who is difficult to defend if you don't match his quickness and intensity. He plays very aggressive offensively, he gets himself into trouble sometimes doing that but when he plays solid he's the glue that they've been missing. What is the key for your team defensively against them?
MM: Defensively we've got to try to do the best job we can of containing the ball and challenging their deep threat guys in the halfcourt. In the fullcourt we've got to keep doing what we've been doing that's got us wins here of late and that's to try to use our pressure and fullcourt presses to try to run a little clock and try to put them under the gun when it comes to the shot clock and try to force them to hit some late quick hitting sets and hopefully defend those well.