A View From The Stands :: February 1st, 2009

Written By: David Holbrook

The final flight home from El Paso for Chase's collegiate career is over and it was really neat going through the airport with him this morning and having UTEP and other fans recognizing him and commenting on his game yesterday. While he only got in for two series in the first half, he did lead team Texas for a touchdown. He ended his day with 75% passing (3 for 4).

There was quite a bit of confusion in the stands as to why the rotation set by the coaches had changed and it appeared to us that Chase was being held out for some reason. We didn't find out why until after the game and had a chance to visit with Chase. Chase Patton, the Missouri QB, had only gotten a few snaps in the first half and the entire third quarter went to the QB from Tulsa. So when it was becoming obvious to Chase that the rotations were going to leave the Mizzou QB with out any more snaps possibly, our Chase decided to give his reps to Chase Patton and allow him to get some playing time in front of his family and fans that had traveled to see him. It did work out that there was one more possession remaining for Team Texas late in the game and the Coaches decided to skip Chase and play David Johnson from Tulsa for the final possessions, not sure if it was a oversight on their part seeing the Mizzou QB come off and they resumed the rotation or if they thought Chase had already played. It all worked out in the end and I once again had to eat a little crow as I found out that Chase once again put others in front of himself to allow them a better opportunity. (Kinda makes me proud, again)

Chase Holbrook and Missouri's Chase Patton

The week went great for Chase as word got back to us in the teams that are interested in Chase and all of the feedback that he got during the week. The scouts and NFL coaches were all gone for the most part by Thursday morning and the players were able to relax and let their guard down a little. It was great for NMSU to be represented during this event. We met a few of the staff for the Texas vs The Nation group that are Aggie Alums and they were proud to tell everyone.

Chase will leave for Atlanta to continue to train with some of the other top Senior QB's and ready himself for the combine in Indianapolis in mid February. He was asked about doing some private work outs for some teams and his agent has also been fielding calls and questions. Hopefully things will continue to go in this same pattern and Chase will get to realize his dream. It is still a longshot to make an NFL roster, but God willing come April his dream will be one step closer. Thanks to EVERYONE who traveled to El Paso and to those of you who supported Chase while he was an Aggie. I hope he made all of you as proud as his Mom and I are.

As Always..........................GO AGGIES!