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Information in this team report is as of June 20.

With Boise State’s Taylor Tharp and Hawaii’s Colt Brennan missing from the WAC scene, senior Chase Holbrook (6-5, 246) is now the top gun in town. Last year, he had numbers that would have turned most heads, throwing for 3,866 yards and 26 touchdowns. He missed the better part of two games—going down early in a shellacking at Boise State and missing the following week in the one-point loss at LaTech— before returning to finish out the season with a win and five losses.

That’s been the problem with Holbrook; he is a significant piece in a puzzle still in progress. Whether his payoff is a chance at a bowl berth or just managing to win more games than losing, Holbrook needs help. He finished fifth nationally in passing yards a game (322), eighth in total passing yards, second in completions per game (31.75) and fourth in completion percentage (.702) last season, but it wasn’t enough.

As many yards as Holbrook has managed in this offense, the Aggies scored only 24 points a game, anemic by the standards of the WAC, where Hawaii and Boise State were ranked first and fourth nationally with 43.4 and 42.4 points per game, respectively. Injuries played a part, and the defense wasn’t good, but if Holbrook is to lead this program from the depths to which it sunk last year, he needs to turn yards into more points and lay off the interceptions. He threw 18 in 2007.

His heir apparent is sophomore J.J. McDermott (6-5, 220). In the spring game, McDermott threw an astounding 49 times, completing 21 for 281 yards and two touchdowns. As a freshman, he appeared in eight games, completing 47-of-77 for two touchdowns. He was forced into duty at Boise State, completing 10-of-19, but for only 57 yards. The following week he started at LaTech, a 22-21 loss where he completed 29- of-40 for 319 yards and two touchdowns.

Also in the mix are freshmen Trevor Walls (6-6, 220) and Scott Galland (6-3, 212). Galland red-shirted last year and Walls is an incoming recruit from Waverly, Ohio.

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