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Aggie women's sports have come a long way in the last 100 years. Click on Read More for the story from the 1907 Yearbook.

1907 Physical Culture Program

During 1907-8 the work of the Department of Physical Culture has been very successful and beneficial. Ever since the organization of this department, its purpose has been to establish as far as possible, with the conveniences at hand, a complete course of Physical Education, designed for the perfection of the human body in its health, strength and beauty. The exercises have been aimed directly at physical defects, such as angularity, stooping shoulders, flat chest and defective physique in general. Wand, dumb-bell, and club exercises have been combined with the Ralston and Del Sarte movements.

The young women have thoroly (sic) enjoyed the work of this department and it is their desire to promote its interest for the ensuing year.