Aggie Football Newsletter

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Aggie Football Newsletter written by Director of Football Operations Juan Lozano

Aggie Football Newsletter :: 09/28/09 :: San Diego Edition

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Did you have a good weekend?

I started writing this on the bus back from ABQ, to Las Cruces.  Well at least I got started on it before I got distracted with my post-game fried chicken box and before updating the “Aggies Pigskin” Facebook page with photos from our trip up the road this weekend. (that’s a strong suggestion to sign up as a “friend” of the program… also refer friends to this list and to our Facebook page)

It was a great evening and it was moving to see so many Aggies fan in enemy territory in attendance.

Lots of ABQ Aggies were there, but I know that a lot made the three hour plus trip to ABQ.

I know that our friends at Buffalo Wild Wings and Maloof Distributing brought out a couple of buses to ABQ. Much appreciated. I imagine it was a good time.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Football Newsletter :: 09/22/09 :: UNM Week

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Happy Belated International Day of Peace to all.

And a very hearty (I think I’ve only used “hearty” when referring to beef stew ) thanks for coming out to the Aggies game against the Idaho Vandals. And Prairie View A&M. And this weekend’s rain-soaked marathon/never ending game against the UTEP Miners.

Three home games in a row. It’s hard to believe that we have already gone through half of our home games this year.

Very happy to see that despite the rains coming, and it being nearly unstoppable for three hours (not three days) that many toughed it out and stayed in the crowed. That’s great to see.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Football Newsletter :: 08/30/09 :: Idaho Week Ramblings

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Hello Aggies Fans:

It’s Sunday and here we go, the start of Idaho week.

Idaho week stared off with a neighbor blaring “My Favorite Mistake” by Sheryl Crow and waking me up in the process.

I’m thinking I woke up in 1999 again.

This happens frequently.

I just look at my musical tastes and wardrobe and not much has changed. Ah yes, 1999… it was a very good year.

Yet, I instantly associated that song with being back in 1999. And since I was headed to the office, I immediately connected it with football.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Football Newsletter :: 08/14/09

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

Dear Aggies Faithful:

Good afternoon.

This is the close of our first full week of practice and today is another “two-a-day.” We already had one morning practice. We are preparing for the second one later this afternoon.

We were on the turf field earlier today because it rained last night and there was some other elements that came through. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning.

What’s new to report? Well, there has been one story about NMSU Football that is out there this week.

It’s clear that there is an answer to the question of What is Hip? Helping out the Aggies.

We’ve had everyone from military families to incoming freshman provide us with snacks.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Aggie Football Newsletter :: 08/07/09 :: A Very Southern California Inspired Edition

Written By: Juan Lozano, NM State Director of Football Operations

We are entering our third day of practice in Las Cruces.

It’s warm, okay, it’s hot here. And it gets hotter as the day goes on. Oingo Boingo would say "The temperature increased/the sky was crimson red."

So by the time we hit the field, it is prime time for the heat.

Things that are great about camp, if you’ve never been to football camp: Breakfast. We get to eat breakfast. It’s like that scene in Big Daddy where the characters never get up in time for breakfast at a fast food establishment and they’re so excited to be up for breakfast for once.

Same here… we usually get to the office before breakfast is even served. We have to wake up the rooster.   Continue Reading This Post >>