Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: 2010 Season

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Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: 2010 Season

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: November 29th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie Volleyball fans. Sorry I haven't updated this is a while, but as many may know I suffered a concussion that has been lingering around these past few weeks. Before the San Jose State game during our serve and pass, I was hit in the face with three balls and a fist! I guess I could never make it in the boxing world... However I am feeling much better now after a few weeks of some rest and relaxation.

The WAC Tournament... We are so happy that two teams from the WAC made it this year! We wish it would have been us instead of Hawaii and Utah State, but we fought until the end last Tuesday night. Utah State played great, the best anyone has seen them play, and they were even better when they swept Hawai'i the next night. It was a well-fought match and next year we hope the WAC is just as competitive as it was this year!

I wanted to give special thanks to all of the fans, boosters and families that came to support us in Vegas and that have supported us this entire season. We are nothing without the support and generosity of everyone and I just wanted to say thank you! Y’all are awesome and you are a main reason why Aggie Volleyball has been so successful. We are excited to come back in the spring, work and train hard during the season and then come back in the fall more rejuvenated than ever.  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: October 21st, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie Volleyball fans!  We made it through the long weekend!  Three home games in a row… and we came out of it with three wins!  Thank you all for coming and supporting your Lady Aggies!

Halloween is creeping around the corner… My roommates and I are so excited to start carving pumpkins and decorate for Halloween!  The other weekend we went to a haunted house in Anthony and it was awesome!  It was the first year that they were open and they did an amazing job.  There was an outdoor course that led into two indoor buildings filled with a bunch of scary stuff!  Us girls were terrified, but it's always fun to get at least a little scared this time of year! :]

Stephanie is officially out of the boot!  She is making great strides in her recovery and walking without any support.  It's amazing how it was only six weeks ago that this happened… But we are glad she is healing!

We are in Nevada waiting to take on Reno, and then we head to Logan to face Utah State for the first time this season.  Wish us luck and until next time… GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 28th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie volleyball fans! We are finally back home!! After a month of being on the road, we are finally back in Las Cruces! It was great to see everyone at the Pan Am on Saturday at our game against Louisiana Tech. Thanks to all of our fans that came, there was a great showing!

Our team is slowly healing and starting to get their legs back after a long pre-season. Kelsey Brennan is back from an ankle injury, and Steph’s leg is healing every day. She is now able to put some pressure on it, which is improvement! She says that she will hopefully be able to walk without crutches in two weeks!! So exciting!!

There’s a new trend on our team… it seems as though everyone has shown up to practice within the past week with a different hair color than they had the day before. On our team, Desire, Amanda, Shelby, Dierdra, Michelle, Maddy, and Liana have all changed their hair colors! This whole year only four of us on the roster have not dyed our hair. Just a fun little fact… Girls will be girls :]

We have two BIG games coming up this week- Hawaii and Arizona. We play Hawaii on Wednesday, which will be aired on ESPNU, followed by a game on Sunday against Arizona. We hope y’all can come support us against two very great teams! Until next time… GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 13th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie volleyball fans! What an exciting week for the volleyball program! We just got back from LSU and some of the boosters were there to greet us at the Pan Am! I am so thankful that we have such a great support system, and I truly believe that our boosters are the BEST!

About the tournament… We played well against Rice and defeated them in three, played sub-par against North Carolina and lost in three, and then we played the #21 team in the nation, Louisiana State. We dropped the first set, but once we got our nerves out we began to play better and better as the match progressed. We lost games one and two, then rallied back to win games three and four! It was honestly the most fun I have ever had playing volleyball!

We were serving tough, digging balls, hitting hard… everyone was so into the game, so focused, and so intent on winning that we all came together and played great volleyball. Unfortunately, we lost the fifth set 17-15 but we learned that we have what it takes to be a great volleyball team!  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: September 7th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie fans! Thank you everyone who came to our first home games last week and the UTEP game in El Paso! We had a blast playing in front of everyone and we hope that when September 25 rolls around that everyone will be back for more!

This week has been pretty intense in practice, but there is one thing that I remember vividly that happened a few days ago. The middles were hitting 4’s, the outside set, and coach told them to hit cross-court. They were creaming the ball and it was a blast watching them hit! For one hit, Brynja set Kelsey a great ball and Kelsey hit it down the line. This ball was hammered, but unfortunately our coach Don Flora was standing right where she hit the ball. Kelsey definitely hit Don’s chin in the process, which is what we in volleyball like to call a facial.

We leave for Baton Rouge this week to play Rice, North Carolina, and Louisiana State! It’s going to be a great weekend for us to play against great teams!  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: August 30th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie Volleyball fans! What a week it has been since the last time I wrote! We got back from Florida on Sunday, and we are so glad to be back home! Dry air is much more tolerable than the humid air in Tallahassee. We went 2-1 this weekend with some key wins, but we learned A LOT about what we needed to work on in practice this week.

Everyone was so excited to go on this trip because it was the first one, but one of the not-so-great things about this trip was that we left Cruces at 4:00 on Thursday morning! It was so early that everyone just ended up falling back asleep in the vans and on the plane.

When we got there, I roomed with Dierdra Pajares and I’m glad I got to know her a little better. One thing I learned is that she talks in her sleep… I wake up one night and hear her talking to herself while she is tossing and turning. It was really funny to watch and definitely put a smile on my face!

On the last day that we were there, Jennah and I took a walk around our hotel just to experience Florida a little bit, and it was beautiful! Trees, trees, and more trees were all that we saw, along with old southern buildings. It was definitely a beautiful place to visit, and would not mind going back again!

We can’t wait to be at home this week for TWO games, on Wednesday against CSU-Bakersfield and Friday against UTEP! Until next time… GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!  Continue Reading This Post >>

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: August 23rd, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie Volleyball fans! What an exciting week for Aggie Volleyball! We had our Alumni match this past Saturday and it was so much fun to compete in that atmosphere! I must say thank you to all of the fans that attended, we really appreciated having you there and supporting us and our Alumni!

I just want to give a shout out to our newest Aggie fans Kayleigh and Emmy! We met them at the autograph signing and they also came to the kids clinic before the match on Saturday. They made signs and came to the game and it was great to add more supporters for our program!

Also, I must add this little blurb about what happened in practice earlier in the week. First, we were scrimmaging and our freshman middle, Desiree Scott was transitioning to hit and definitely tripped over the ten foot line on the court. The whole gym busted out laughing and it was a great way to ease the tension of practice.

Also, during warm ups on the first day of regular practice, Brynja Rodgers was doing ladders and at the beginning of one set completely tripped over one of them and slid a good 10 feet across the floor. Once again, we all immediately started laughing, even the coaching staff. We are off to FLORIDA this Thursday! We are ready to start the season and can’t wait to compete against great teams! Until next time… GOOOOOOOOO AGGIES!

Ellen Miks' Aggie Volleyball Diary :: August 16th, 2010

Ellen MiksHello Aggie Volleyball fans! My name is Ellen Miks and I am currently a sophomore here at NMSU. I was extremely honored to be asked to write this blog for y’all, especially since the person who wrote it last year was one of my good friends Kelli Goodan. We miss the seniors very much this year, but we are looking forward to continuing their legacy that they left behind.

First a little about me just so you know who is giving you updates on the Aggies… I am from Denver, Colorado and I went to Columbine High School. I plan on majoring in math so ultimately I can be a high school math teacher. You should see the looks I get from people when I tell them I want to be a high school math teacher… all they tell me is, “Good luck!” As for my volleyball position, I am a DS/Libero/Outside/Rightside/Middle…. Whatever coach tells me to play I do it!

I believe I should do a small recap of our season last year. We ended up being 20-9, but unfortunately that was not quite good enough to qualify for the NCAA tournament. We had a very difficult preseason, but as we played more games, we started to come together as a team. Near the end of the season we were playing really well, and we went back to my home state and beat the Colorado State Rams in four games! The CSU Rams ended up going quite deep into the tournament, making it to the Sweet 16. Although it was hard to swallow at first, we knew we belonged in the tournament, and that’s why this year we are determined to win more games like the Colorado State game, and beat more teams like them.  Continue Reading This Post >>