2009 WAC Baseball Tie-breaker Rules

All places in the regular season standings first shall be determined by the winning percentage of Conference games played (i.e. a 12-10 record is better than 13-11). It may sound simple, but it is especially important since not all teams will have played a 24-game WAC schedule as a result of weather-related cancellations. In above example, the 12-10 team may have lost a season series to the 13-11 team but still maintains the higher place in the standings based upon overall winning percentage.

There still are several possible combinations of final standings, but assuming no rainouts this weekend, the following also are true:

1) San Jose State, Louisiana Tech, Nevada and Hawaii have clinched tournament berths.
2) The remaining two berths will come from Fresno State, New Mexico State and/or Sacramento State. Several possibilities exist, but in simplest terms:

a. New Mexico State clinches a berth with one win at Louisiana Tech.
b. Sacramento State clinches a berth with two wins vs. Fresno State
c. Fresno State clinches a berth with three wins vs. Sacramento State
d. San Jose State clinches the regular season title and the No. 1 seed with three wins vs. Nevada

Finally, should weather become an issue this weekend, it is imperative that every effort possible be made to play all four games of the series. Make-up games shall NOT be scheduled following the final weekend of Conference play with one exception.

That exception is that the visiting team shall remain no longer than one extra day to play no more than one make-up game ONLY IF that game determines (or may determine) whether one of the two involved teams shall qualify for the Conference tournament.

Also remember that any postponed single nine-inning game that is then made up as part of a doubleheader, the doubleheader is played as two 9-inning games. The only 9-7 DH is the originally scheduled one. Should the final game of the series be halted by weather and is not able continued, NCAA Rule 5, Section 8 (b)